CD REVIEW: Jason Damato "Floating Down A River"

This debut EP is an incredibly mellow, yet soulful, collection of tunes by up-and-coming singer/songwriter Jason Damato. Produced by Damato and fellow independent musician Tom Freund, the EP blends soulful soft jazz elements with the acoustic pop sounds of summer for a unique twist on both styles. For fans of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, Damato's music is epecially catchy and easy to listen to, yet the simplicity of the music still has depth and character. It's not just another guy with a guitar, strumming away, singing about his girl and the beach. Damato's performance and songwriting, coupled with the musical talents of Freund and Adam Topol, Jack Johnson's drummer, makes this EP just a tease for what is to come in his certainly fruitful musical career. The EP's standout songs are the title track and "Life You Love."