#reviewoftheweek / Wild Adriatic - Big Suspicious

Hailing from the capital district of upstate New York, Wild Adriatic are a ferocious new band playing blues rock with a soulful, yet gritty feel. Their most relent release "Big Suspicious" is, front to back, one of the best collections of songs released independently by any band in recent years. With the onset of the digital age, it's hard for new and independent bands to make a name for themselves, but it's not going to be long before Wild Adriatic is on rock radio everywhere. "Mess Around" and "Lonely" are radio ready hits that fit somewhere between The White Stripes and Ben Harper and should be getting airplay right now. But's it's songs like "Holding You" that show off that these guys can write incredible lyrically driven tunes as well. Their blend of blues rock is not overly saturated with blues or rock in either direction and has just the right amount of soul. The album is the perfect mix and the type of collection you can listen to over and over again without getting tired of it. And judging by what you hear in your speakers, it's a given that their live shows pack just as much energy and excitement.