#reviewoftheweek / Chadwick Stokes - The Horse Comanche

Solo albums are hard to separate from the body of work done by a musicians other bands, but Chadwick Stokes does an excellent job when breaking away from Dispatch and State Radio. This album is a folk masterpiece, and surprisingly, it is produced by Iron And Wine's Sam Beam. Making for an interesting partnership, Stokes takes his protest-style lyrics and delivery and combines them with some 60's era folk sounds, while also giving them a modern twist. Born from a series of living rooms shows, this album features some of Chad's best lyrics and interesting songs, and the furthest departure from Dispatch and State Radio to date. Songs like "I Want You Like A Seatbelt" and "Mother Maple" rock a little heavier than others, and the cornerstone of the album is the first single, "Our Lives Our Time," which is the most familiar sounding song on the album. Highlights include the folky "Prison Blue Eyes" and "New Haven" which featuring collaborative vocals by the girls from the indie rock band Lucius, which is another welcome twist on the album. All in all, Chadwick Stokes is one of this generations best road warrior type singer/songwriters, and this album is a great new collection of unique songs. Although he's not all over the airwaves like other musicians, his almost 20 year history on the indie roots rock scene has allowed him to prove his worth through music like this.