#reviewoftheweek / Luke Reynolds - After The Flood

After having fronted indie roots rock band Blue Merle and released a few albums on his own, Luke Reynolds became the fourth member of the indie rock band Guster. That doesn't mean that the music stops flowing from his head through the pen to paper and eventually on tape. Reynolds has released one of his best collections of music to date, which encompasses his entire musical career, as a frontman, as a solo artist, and even as a session musician. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist with the ability to lyricize, making him the total package. Songs like "No Way To Know What's Coming" and "A Million Miles Away" are instantly catchy in the way that radio friendly pop songs are, but yet still stand far enough away from center to be unique and different. It is always amazing when musicians can crank out music in different incarnations simultaneously, and Luke Reynolds has proven to be one of the best at it. While he may stand at the side at times, he has proven that the reason he is an asset to so many bands and musicians is because of his immense talent and ability to take on any musical role.