#reviewoftheweek / George Ezra - Wanted On Voyage

The latest to come out from across the pond, George Ezra broke onto the scene in the US with his single "Budapest" on various radio stations all over the country. But the album which features the song isn't a bunch of other versions of the song with different titles and lyrics. He's actually got a big of crooner quality, and surprisingly, should be able to wow fans that venture into buying the entire album, rather than just downloading what they hear on the radio. Some fans get upset when an album isn't more of the same. It's refreshing to hear that Ezra hasn't taken what he became successful with and recreated it a dozen more times just to sell records. He is a true talent in the singer/songwriter vein, and may exist because of the success of those who came before him (i.e. Ed Sheeran, Hozier), but stands apart from them in sound. You'd not expect such a polished sound from a young artist, but George Ezra is one who has it all figured out on that front. Try the second single "Blame It One Me" as well as "Stand By Your Gun" and "Barcelona" for proof that he's the real deal.