the playlist: JAN 2017

1. John Mayer - "Love On The Weekend"

2. The Shins - "Name For You"

3. Ed Sheeran - "Shape Of You"

4. Ryan Adams - "Do You Still Love Me?"

5. Old 97's (featuring Brandi Carlile) - "Good With God"

6. Craig Finn - "Preludes"

7. Madaila - "Nature"

8. Jim James - "Here In Spirit"

9. John Legend (featuring Brittany Howard) - "Darnkess And Light"

10. Childish Gambino - "Redbone"


Introducing... "the playlist"

This is a brand new feature which will replace the monthly "BURN THIS" series of tracklists which ended with the August 2016 mix. Those tracklists featured 20 songs (title and artist only) carefully arranged in order to be burned onto a mix CD 80 minutes in length, but you had to seek out the music, download it, and create the actual audio mix. The days of the mixtape/mix CD are pretty much a thing of the past, so I am transitioning this feature into an all new section known as "the playlist."

Each month THISisMODERN.net will compile a list of 10 songs and post them to this blog under the title "the playlist." The cool part is that each song will be accompanied by an embedded YouTube video featuring the song (either the music video itself, a lyric video, or just an audio-only video). Previously, audio/video didn't really have a place in this blog, and after having been writing this blog for over 16 years, it seemed only right to transition in a new feature.

The best part about this feature is that there will be no rhyme or reason to the music posted. It will purely be 10 of the best and newest songs available each month. While it may feature music you may hear played on the radio, THISisMODERN.net aims to make sure that the songs are the one you need to be hearing, paying attention to, and getting into.

Hopefully, THISisMODERN.net will continue to be a place where the cutting edge and innovative meets the classic and soulful; a place where the unknown and popular can receive equal exposure. Hopefully, this blog will continue to be a place where listeners seek out the best of what's new, the best new artists, and the best music that the industry has to offer. THISisMODERN.net promises to deliver the music you want to hear, before you even know you want to hear it!