#reviewoftheweek / Tommy Guerrero - No Mans Land

Tommy Guerrero is a skater! But he's been making funky and jazzy music for years and years on the side, and is one of the most talented musicians around. This album is a slight departure, but not too far, from his previous releases which feature a more light hearted and breezy sound. You could call what he does as west coast jazz, mostly because you can sit back and close your eyes and imagine yourself surfing or skating or just chilling out in California. The album opens is a bit of a spooky way, drawing a strange comparison to ambient indie rock. The album doesn't feature and vocals, but it doesn't need them, as is proven by the album's best track "The Lone Pisolero" and the second to last track "The Viper." Guerrero also outdoes himself, proving his genius and mastery by playing almost every single instrument you hear on the album. People who are multitalented always amaze, but Tommy Guerrero does it in such a cool way, jealousy is never an option.