#reviewoftheweek / Tom Freund - Two Moons

Tom Freund is one of those musicians that, every time you hear his music, you are amazed that he not more famous or popular. But, the music suits the type of musician he is. Freund is a true west coast folk singer/songwriter and transports you on his journey through every lyric. On the first track, "Angel Eyes," he reteams with friend and collaborator Ben Harper, for one of the album's best songs. The album also features appearances by Serena Ryder on "Lemme Be Who I Wanna Be" and Brett Dennen on "Weekend Guy." The album is like listening to an old soul or a friend you've know for years. His music is personal, yet allows the listener to be inside each story, and essentially a part of Freund's life. "Happy Days Lunch Box" is a clever lyrically, and "Same Old Shit Different Day" is both comedic and poignant. Tom Freund is a diamond in the rough, but that's one of the reasons all his music, especially this album, is so awesome.