New Release Tuesday

New music out today that is worth checking out:

  • The Avett Brothers - I And Love And You
  • Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons - Death Won't Send A Letter
  • Jer Coons - Speak
  • Will Hoge - The Wreckage
  • Landon Pigg - The Boy Who Never
  • Bob Schneider - Lovely Creatures
  • State Radio - Let It Go
  • The Voyces - Let Me Die In Southern California
  • Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost


CD REVIEW: Mason Jennings "Blood Of Man"

Mason Jennings' latest album is by far his most interesting and unique to date. With six discs already under his belt, it comes as no surprise that Jennings would want to show off a different side, to keep the freshness in his music. He is known for his unique voice and vocal delivery, his outstanding songwriting, and his mellow folk sound, so it's certainly a departure to lay down the acoustic for an electric guitar and write some heavy rockers. "Ain't No Friend Of Mine," the debut single, is the hardest of the whole entire disc with crunchy guitars and a heavy vocal thump. The hardness in the sound doesn't always come from Mason's electric guitar. Sometimes the hard edge in the music is found within the lyrics. Many of the tracks have much less of a happy-go-lucky feel to them than in Jennings' previous work. Not since his second album has the lyrical content flirted this closely with darker, more negative topics, particularly the childhood memories in "Pittsburgh." "The Field" is an anti-war protest song, and possibly one of the best ever written. The theme of blood is all over the album, particularly in "Ain't No Friend Of Mine," "Black Wind Blowing," and "Sing Out." The true Mason Jennings comes through on tracks like "Sunlight" (a song that was released as a charity single over the summer) which follow along his standard formula and his acoustic sees the light of day on the title track which closes out the disc. There is a rawness and an organic feel to the collection. Mason played all the instruments as well as produced and recorded the album himself. He even left in all the feedback and little nuances that make the recording special, so the listener can hear is as it was meant to be. By far a true gem in the Mason Jennings arsenal, this album is one of his best. It will be interesting to see how the songs hold up and translate into his live arrangements. One thing is for sure, Mason Jennings can definitely rock! Who knew!?

CD REVIEW: Joshua James "Build Me This"

This is the album that will put Joshua James on everyone's map. He gained critical acclaim with his last album, however, on this one he really shows off the kind of musician he really is. On the heels of the success of artists like My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst, and M. Ward (and now their supergroup, Monsters Of Folk), Joshua James proves that he can rub shoulders with any established Midwest folkie. Some of the better songs on the album are "Coal War" and "Magazine" where he combines his ability to write a pop song with his rootsy flavor. This album is rooted in gospel and good old small town folk music. Probably the best song on the disc is "In The Middle" where James shows off his songwriting skills as a storyteller, with a song spoken to a lost love who has passed on. Its got energy in all the right places, yet remains quaint and grounded as well. Joshua James surely is one of this generation's greatest folk singers and his latest effort is proof of that.


Happy Birthday THISisMODERN.net!

THISisMODERN.net turns 9 years old today!
Here's to another 9 great years of bringing you the best new, underground, and innovative music.


CD REVIEW: Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers "The Bear"

At first listen it is hard to grasp the songs on this album. Each song in itself does not stand out on its own. So, one might say, this album is not a success. Well, that would be a false statement if uttered, and the truth is that this album is sonically beautiful and a incredibly cohesive album. It truly is a collection of songs that as a whole completely outdoes each of its individual parts. Don't get me wrong, there are standouts on the album including the title track and the lead single, "Shady Esperanto And The Young Hearts." But, it's the intimate moments that are spread throughout where Kellogg shines as a storyteller and really connects with the listener. He is the same type of artist that a painter or an author is, putting his heart and soul out there for the world. He showcases his true talents as a lyricist and musician on songs like "Satisfied Man," "A (With Love)," and "Lonely In Columbus." Friends join in as well with Josh Ritter, Serena Ryder, and the Alternate Routes making appearances and the Sixers are on their game like never before. This album is a masterpiece and may prove to be a defining moment in the Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers' career, showing that being musicians is not just about writing really good singles, its about making really great albums.

CD REVIEW: Ben Howard "These Waters"

A guy and a guitar seems to be everywhere these days. So, why not another one, right? Well, in Ben Howard's case, this guy with a guitar has something that not many others have: uniqueness. He's not a copycat version of every other pop songsmith out there. He's truly got a sound all to himself. He combines his British descent with simplistic tunes and clever production to unleash a subtle, mellow, and yet complex debut EP. Sure you can draw comparisons to Chris Martin, David Gray, and even Newton Faulkner, but that is only to say that his sound and his music can be put in the same league and fans of those will surely be fans of Howard. Ben, on this EP, delivers an outstanding performance of intimate and lyrically beautiful songs that transcend the stereotype that he is surely going to be pushed into. Standout songs include "Cloud Nine," which is by far one of the best songs this year, and the lead off track "The Wolves."


New Release Tuesday

New music out today that is worth checking out:
  • Alberta Cross - Broke Side Of Time
  • David Gray - Draw The Line
  • Andrew Hoover - Chances, Stances, & Romances
  • Joshua James - Build Me This
  • Latch Key Kid - All Becomes One
  • Mae - (m)orning
  • Monsters Of Folk - Monsters Of Folk
  • Angel Taylor - Love Travels
  • Vertical Horizon - Burning The Days


New Release Tuesday

New music out today that is worth checking out:
  • Rob Blackledge - Inside These Walls
  • John Butler Trio - Live At Lollapalooza
  • Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Brother's Keeper
  • The Elms - The Great American Midrange
  • Kyle Hollingsworth - Then There's Now
  • Mason Jennings - Blood Of Man
  • Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: The End Of Day
  • Passafire - Everyone On Everynight
  • Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Break Up


New Release Tuesday

New music out today that is worth checking out:
  • Howie Day - Sound The Alarm
  • Ernie Halter - Ernie Halter: LIVE
  • Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers - The Bear
  • Sondre Lerche - Heartbeat Radio
  • Phish - Joy


BURN THIS / September 2009

  1. Matt Hires "Honey Let Me Sing You A Song"
  2. Crosby Loggins "Seriously"
  3. Green River Ordinance "On Your Own"
  4. The Fray "Where The Story Ends"
  5. Mat Kearney "Fire & Rain"
  6. Graham Colton "Twenty Something"
  7. O.A.R. "Love Is Worth The Fall"
  8. Will Hoge "Even If It Breaks Your Heart"
  9. Needtobreathe "Something Beautiful"
  10. Brandi Carlile "Dreams"
  11. Gregory Alan Isakov "Evelyn"
  12. Jay Nash "Everything"
  13. The Avett Brothers "I And Love And You"
  14. Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons "Born Again"
  15. Schuyler Fisk "From Where I'm Standing"
  16. Joshua Radin "One Of Those Days"
  17. Brett Dennen "Ain't Gonna Lose You"
  18. Trevor Hall "Origami Crane"
  19. Chase McBride "When The Wicked Go To Sleep"
  20. The White Buffalo "Wrong"

What is the BURN THIS compilation?

THISisMODERN.net created the BURN THIS compilation in the beginning of 2006. Basically, it's just a guide. BURN THIS is a 20 song compilation tracklist that is posted to the site on the 1st day of each month. This monthly compilation tracklist is for you to utilize to recreate an incredibly great mix CD (never longer than 80 minutes) consisting of some of the best songs by the best artists you may or may not have heard of. Unfortunately, the tracks and the compilation are not downloadable directly from THISisMODERN.net. Instead, you'll have to support these musicians by purchasing the tracks physically or digitally from the artists themselves, or from great online sites such as iTunes, Amazon.com, and/or eMusic. THISisMODERN.net does not distribute copies of the BURN THIS compilation. Also, if you really dig the BURN THIS graphic or any of the THISisMODERN.net graphics you see on the site, or have seen on previous incarnations of the site, that's all thanks to Michael Hollis and his incredibly artistic creativity. Feel free to use our graphics in designing packaging for your copies of each BURN THIS compilation. Enjoy creating your own copy of BURN THIS each month!

Previous BURN THIS tracklists (from January 2006 through August 2009) can be found here.