#reviewoftheweek / Lettuce - Crush

This album is quite possibly the best instrumental album released in 2015 (despite having a few tracks featuring vocals). That being said, Lettuce has never been better. What is essentially a fun side project for the members of the band that have other gigs, this band knows how to blow it up. The horn driver album features a fun party vibe that doesn't stop from end to end. Killer tracks like "The Force" and "The Lobbyist" and just fun and funky and danceable. "Sounds Like A Party" and "He Made A Woman Out Of Me" are the two vocal tracks on that album, but the band doesn't take a back seat to the guest at all. Songs like "Chief" and "Get Greasy" mimic 70's funk and have a kind of cop show feel to the music. "The New Reel" sounds like it came straight from a spy thriller soundtrack. The album doesn't quit from beginning to end, and these guys show how much fun it is to play this music, and it's the next best thing to seeing them do their thing live on stage.