#reviewoftheweek / Archis - Archis EP

This is one of the most interesting and exciting musical collaborations in years. Both musicians have had incredible success on their own, but together they create beautiful groundbreaking music. She is Dia Frampton (one half of Meg & Dia and runner-up of season 1 of NBC's The Voice) and he is Joseph Trapanese (known for his work as a film composer on movies like Oblivion and TV shows like Tron: Uprising). Together they are Archis, and this debut EP combines both sensible indie pop and cinematic and electronic music, creating a collection unlike any others. "Bittersweet" and "Blood" are two incredible songs, and although they might not be the type of thing you'd hear on the radio, the artistry of both far exceeds the need for airplay. Sometimes musicians just do things for fun and to express their artistic impulses, but never has it sounded so beautiful as this.