BURN THIS / October 2010

  1. Donavon Frankenreiter "Glow"
  2. Hayley Sales (featuring G. Love) "Lullaby"
  3. Two Spot Gobi "You Make It Easy"
  4. The Cat Empire "Falling"
  5. Bedouin Soundclash "Mountain Top"
  6. Pepper "Wake Up"
  7. Cas Haley "Better"
  8. Brooke Fraser "Something In The Water"
  9. Stacy Clark "White Lies"
  10. Jake Smith "One False Step"
  11. Brendan James "Stupid For Your Love"
  12. Matt White "Falling In Love (With My Best Friend)"
  13. Matt Hires "A To B"
  14. Good Old War "That's Some Dream"
  15. Ryan Montbleau Band "My Best Guess"
  16. Griffin House "If You Want To"
  17. Josh Ritter "Lantern"
  18. Everest "Let Go"
  19. Lissie "When I'm Alone"
  20. J.J. Grey & Mofro "The Hottest Spot In Hell"
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CD REVIEW: Depression State Troopers "The Reason For The Fall"

The Reason for the Fall
Nashville singer/songwriters Tim Williams and Jacob Jones have joined forces and combined their talents to create the Depression State Troopers. The name is a colorful play on words, but the music is so much more. Despite the use of the word depression in their name, it seems as though the entire album sets out to fight the obvious and become so much more than a negatively emotional album. The music is whimsical at times and not always soft, indie, and strummy. "Take My Hair" and "Blood In My Veins" are the most familiar sounding songs, displaying the duos most accessible and singable lyrics. Some of the best songs are the short little numbers that are dispersed throughout, especially "Marie." When accomplished musicians set out to do something different, many times it just ends up being a carbon copy of their previous work. Jones and Williams have developed a whole new sound with the Depression State Troopers, and even though you hear their individual styles within, the combination of the two is so much more than you'd expect.