#reviewoftheweek / Mason Jennings - Wild Dark Metal

Contrary to what the title sounds like, this album is not full of heavy metal music sung by Mason Jennings, one of our generations prolific folk-rockers. However, the album is a little heavier and darker than what we are used to from the Minnesota singer/songwriter, similar to his 2009 release "Blood Of Man." Mason's voice is instantly identifiable and he branches out, away from his traditional acoustic folky sound to get a little more raw and rock 'n roll. Crunchy guitars are a signature of songs like "Arma" and "Two Dollar Man" while the lyrics are the star of songs like "Heaven" and "Death Grips." The bones of the music are typical Mason Jennings, but the sound is a bit edgier than we are used to. It's nice to see singers branch out and give us something different than the norm, and Mason Jennings is one of the best at doing that while still keeping true to his roots and his influences.