#reviewoftheweek / Matt Costa - Eucalyptus EP & Cat Mosta EP

Matt Costa's plan is to release a handful of EPs by the end of the year. His first two are folk masterpieces. Costa has dabbled in a lot of different styles throughout his short career, but has shined the brightest when he presents his music in stripped down folk format. "Eucalyptus EP" is primarily instrumental, and as it was released first, eases you into the classic folk sounds of Matt Costa. "Cat Mosta EP" was mostly recorded with the intent of becoming demos, but Matt felt that his fans needed to hear his music in this way and decided to release it. Costa's music is defined by the lyrics on these two EPs, and rather than make the listener wait for an entire collection, he's hitting us up with snippets of what he's working on. It's a great insight into how a musician works, and the intimate and short collections are miniature works of art.