New Release Tuesday

Music out today worth checking out:
  • Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager
  • Lady Of The Sunshine - Smoking Gun
  • Trey Lockerbie - Light Therapy
  • Dave Matthews Band - Live In New York City
  • Julia Stone - The Memory Machine

CD REVIEW: Elephant Revival "Elephant Revival"

Elephant Revival
Elephant Revival's debut album is something unlike any other. The unconventional way they mix jam band rock, folk music, bluegrass, and indie rock is unprecedented and makes for some very interesting compositions. The album features a few really musically awesome songs, especially the lead track "Twelve" and the fan favorite "Ring Around The Moon." The instrumentation used on the album is not like anything you'd typically see on stage as they don't follow the standard guitar/bass/drums format. They feature hand percussion, upright bass, and violin prominently, opting for a sound that is not like anything you might here on pop radio. Elephant Revival is a unique incarnation out of the buzzing Colorado music scene, and their debut makes a statement about originality and musicality that is bold and adventurous.