#reviewoftheweek / Anderson East - Delilah

Making a splash as a new artist these days takes a lot, especially if you're not in the cookie-cutter-pop-vein that you hear all over radio and television. But when you've got something special like a sound not heard in decades, you're bound to make a name for yourself. That's just what Anderson East has done with his debut album, showcasing his soulful vocals and throwback sound in a top notch way. Just as artists like Allen Stone and Leon Bridges have been able to do, East has tapped into a sound that is both new and familiar, bridging Americana-style folk and classic southern soul, for a sound that is both refreshingly different and nostalgic at the same time. "Satisfy Me" is the album's cornerstone and surely going to be the song keeping Anderson in the running for accolades like "Best New Artist" by year's end. "Find 'Em, Fool 'Em, and Forget 'Em" is piano driven and molds high energy rock and bar room soul into a fun and catchy song. Other highlights include the acoustic "Devil In Me" and rock driven "Keep The Fire Burning." If this album is any indication, we are in for a long and fruitful ride with Anderson East for years to come.