#reviewoftheweek / Aer - One Of A Kind

Quietly making a name for themselves, Aer has released a handful of albums in recent years showcasing their mix of fun loving pop, hip hop, reggae, and acoustic folk. It's a combination that has been around for years and perfected by many bands before them. What's great about Aer, is that they don't let this stand in their way. Their obvious influences shine through in every song and you can tell that artists like 311, Bob Marley, Sublime, and Jack Johnson have all, at some point, helped to shape the band's sound. The fact that they've chosen to name their album "One Of A Kind" proves that the band is a very unique combination of styles and, right now, the only one of it's kind making this style of music. Songs like the title track, "Keep You Here," and "The Rain" bridge the gap between the indie world where Aer has lived for so long and the pop world where they are going to be breakout stars. This could, and should, be the album that helps Aer break out and makes them a household name.


#reviewoftheweek / Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Coming from a folk background, you'd never expect a musician to stray too far from his roots. However, Nathaniel Rateliff has always had a layer of grit coating all of his previous releases, making for a much deeper style of folk. That being said, at first listen you can hear the folksiness throughout the entire self titled album by him and his band the Night Sweats. It's a songwriter's album, with emphasis on lyrics. Two tracks on the album surfaced on the Internet in other forms years ago, "Look It Here" and "Trying So Hard Not To Know." That was right around the time Rateliff formed this band and started performing shows. "S.O.B." is the song that has put Nathaniel and his counterparts on the musical map. While he's had success as a folk singer, this song showcased his old school soul and blues rock chops, and has become one of the party anthems of the summer. Other standouts on the album are "Howling At Nothing" and "I Need Never Get Old." It's a different kid of fun, from a different kind of band, that is sure to have him getting awards buzz by year's end. It wouldn't be a surprise if this album is up for "Album Of The Year" awards.


#reviewoftheweek / Trevor Hall - Kala

Trevor Hall has always been a prolific storyteller and songwriter, and on this latest release, he continues to deliver. He has not released a more complete album since released of his self titled major label debut in 2009. The album kicks off with a classic song, which we first got to hear when he released his live album "Chasing The Flame" in 2010. "To Zion" is an instant classic that showcases his laid back beachy and spiritual vibe, which is on visual display on the album's cover. The album is full of poignant lyrical compositions with a message, much like much of his catalogue. This time he's peppered in some great guest appearances, including Xavier Rudd and Nahko. Fans will surely fall in love with tracks like "Back To You," "You Can't Rush Your Healing," and "Mother." "Forgive" is one of the album's standouts, featuring some spoken word from Luka Lesson. This is the finale of a trilogy of released which started with "Chapter Of The Forest" and "Unpack Your Memories," but it certainly is not the end of anything. Trevor Hall is a special talent that doesn't come around often, following in the footsteps of others like Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, and John Butler. "Kala" is an album that surely will stand the test of time.


#reviewoftheweek / Bobby Long - Ode To Thinking

Bobby Long is one of those raw talents that doesn't come around often. It's amazing he hasn't made a larger splash in the music world, but it may be for the best. Since his debut album, he's been able to explore his range of talents and influences, creating vastly different and familiar sounding songs, all hinged on his bluesy and folky vibe. He's got one of those deep voices you'd expect from a hard rock singer, yet he uses it to display subtlety through his lyrics, while still being able to deliver pop-esque music. This album features a handful of songs that bridge his short, three album career, both reminding the listener who he is at his roots, and developing a trust with the listener to allow him to visit new sonic places. At the core, Bobby Long is a songwriter and a storyteller, and his lyrics never disappoint. Songs like "I'm Not Going Out Tonight" and the title track are proof positive of that. Really, if you judge the songs just by their titles, you pretty much know what you're going to get lyrically from each. Long's latest album doesn't let down in any way, and is a refreshing addition to his growing catalogue.


BURN THIS / September 2015

  1. ALO "The Ticket"
  2. Moon Taxi "Year Zero"
  3. The Revivalists "Wish I Knew You"
  4. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats "Look It Here"
  5. Anderson East "Devil In Me"
  6. JJ Grey & Mofro "Everything Is A Song"
  7. Gary Clark Jr. "Grinder"
  8. Grace Potter "Empty Heart"
  9. Charlie Mars "Things You Don't Wanna Know"
  10. Trevor Hall (featuring Xavier Rudd & Tubby Love) "Mother"
  11. Donavon Frankenreiter "Big Wave"
  12. Jamie Lawson "Wasn't Expecting That"
  13. Avalanche City "Inside Out"
  14. Jarryd James "Give Me Something"
  15. Vance Joy "Fire And The Flood"
  16. Josh Ritter "Where The Night Goes"
  17. Rayland Baxter "Mr. Rodriguez"
  18. Andrew Combs "Part Time Lovers (Full Time Fools)"
  19. The Lone Bellow "Fake Roses"
  20. Carbon Leaf "Love Loss Hope Repeat"