#reviewoftheweek / Current Swell - Ulysses

Current Swell could be labeled as the "little band that could." They keep on plugging along, churning out awesome folk and roots rock albums with little to no popular recognition. Well, with the release of their latest "Ulysses" they are poised to change all that. With the popular music landscape changing and radio formats such as AAA gaining steam, Current Swell's music is at the right crossroads to make a splash. "Rollin'" and "Keys To The Kingdom," both of which the band released prior to the album, are two tracks that would fit well along side the current songs spinning on the airwaves by artists like Brett Dennen, John Butler Trio, and even The Black Keys. They blend elements of rooty folk rock (in the vein of Jack Johnson and G. Love) with blues rock elements (in the vein of Ben Harper and Ray LaMontagne) that should ultimately gain them fans from every corner of the roots music landscape. Other standouts include "Gunshots" and "Man Of Maps." The surprise track of the album is "Sideways" which seems like a throwback from the mid-90's with it's crunchy and heavy guitar riffs. All in all, Current Swell showcase elements of their entire career on the album and prove that they too deserve a shot in the spotlight currently being occupied by the aforementioned Black Keys, and others like the Luminees and Mumford & Sons.


#reviewoftheweek / Wild Adriatic - Big Suspicious

Hailing from the capital district of upstate New York, Wild Adriatic are a ferocious new band playing blues rock with a soulful, yet gritty feel. Their most relent release "Big Suspicious" is, front to back, one of the best collections of songs released independently by any band in recent years. With the onset of the digital age, it's hard for new and independent bands to make a name for themselves, but it's not going to be long before Wild Adriatic is on rock radio everywhere. "Mess Around" and "Lonely" are radio ready hits that fit somewhere between The White Stripes and Ben Harper and should be getting airplay right now. But's it's songs like "Holding You" that show off that these guys can write incredible lyrically driven tunes as well. Their blend of blues rock is not overly saturated with blues or rock in either direction and has just the right amount of soul. The album is the perfect mix and the type of collection you can listen to over and over again without getting tired of it. And judging by what you hear in your speakers, it's a given that their live shows pack just as much energy and excitement.


#reviewoftheweek / Ray LaMontagne - Supernova

Now that Ray LaMontagne has solidified himself as a force in popular music, showcasing his brilliant throwback folk, it became time to branch out and add new layers into his sound. Enter produce Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Auerbach helped LaMontagne really dive deep into the 60's and 70's folk sound that his music is rooted in, delivering an outstanding new collection of songs. This album doesn't have the same full live band feel of the last, however it stands out as possibly his best collection of songs since his debut. The title track is phenomenal and a great pop rock crossover tune, but it's songs like "Ojai," "Airwaves," and "No Other Way" that show off the true character of the album. He certainly has outdone himself with this one, and LaMontagne has proven that old is new again and it sounds just as good as ever.


#reviewoftheweek / The Bamboos - Fever In The Road

Australian funk outfit, The Bamboos, have just released their newest album stateside, and this should have everyone stopping to pay attention (if they haven't been already for some years). Funk is not something that is mainstream, but the party feel of the music on this disc showcases just how much fun it is and how much pop music actually owes to this genre. Sure, a lot of it is just instrumental music, but when you add some lyrics and a soulful songstress it changes the game. The album's lead single is "Avenger" and this showcases just that theory. The fun live energy of the band comes right out of the speakers and transports the listener to a whole new level of musical entertainment. Other standouts include "Your Lovin' Is Easy" and "Rats." This is truly a masterpiece and is going enlighten a whole new group of fans like never before.


BURN THIS / May 2014

  1. Mat McHugh "More Money"
  2. Ozomatli (featuring Dave Stewart) "Brighter"
  3. Rebelution "De-Stress"
  4. Matisyahu "Watch The Walls Melt Down"
  5. The Revivalists "Criminal"
  6. John Butler Trio "Blame It On Me"
  7. Current Swell "Rollin'"
  8. Sam Roberts Band "Human Heat"
  9. Reuben And The Dark "Rolling Stone"
  10. Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes "Sun Goes Out"
  11. Kina Grannis "The Fire"
  12. Dan Wilson "A Song Can Be About Anything"
  13. Matt Hires "Heartache Machine"
  14. Eric Hutchinson "Forever"
  15. Augustana "Love In The Air"
  16. Dave Barnes "Good"
  17. Needtobreathe "Difference Maker"
  18. The Belle Brigade "Metropolis"
  19. Ray LaMontagne "Airwaves"
  20. Ben & Ellen Harper "Learn It Again Tomorrow"