CD REVIEW: Luce "The Year We'll Have"

It's been a long time since Luce started making music, and yet, this indie band has managed to stay a small, independent group. These days they're getting back to their roots, and their latest album combines some of their best old songs with some great new ones in a very organic and acoustic state. "The Year We'll Have" (both the song and the album) is a testament to where the band will be going with their new old sound. The title track of this eight song album showcases the true musicianship of the guys in the band, and has the lead singer and namesake sounding his best. "Good Day," by far the band's best and most well known song, gets a new treatment which focuses on the excellent lyrical content of the song, and the feel good, sun soaked sound of the original is left behind for a folksy, bluesy sound that doesn't take away from the greatness of the original recording. Luce are truly and underappreciated band, and for the fans that have grown to know and love them, this new album is both exciting and nostalgic.

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