#reviewoftheweek / Jukebox The Ghost - Jukebox The Ghost

Even though these guys have been around for a while, it seems as though this album is the one that's going to put them on the map for a lot of music fans. Maybe it's because it's self titled and maybe its because its possibly their most musically accessible to date, but either way the recognition and discovery is long overdue. The lead single, "The Great Unknown," shows off the piano driven indie pop that JTG has been know for throughout their career, while bridging the gap from indie and experimental to a bit more mainstream of a sound. The song has been featured on TV and is sure to gain airplay on radio from top 40 to AAA to alternative as soon as the masses grab hold. The music on the entire album is incredibly heartfelt and lyrically driven, while showing off a simpler side of indie rock. These guys would have been right at home in the 90's on radio alongside acts like Ben Folds Five and Semisonic, and could quite possible turn on a new generation to this style of pop alternative rock music. Jukebox The Ghost are soulful and energetic at the same time, making for their latest album to fit right into the mainstream music world.