#reviewoftheweek / Matt Corby - Telluric

Matt Corby was a virtual unknown until about 10 years ago when he appeared on season 5 of "Australian Idol" (the down under version of the hit US TV show) where he finished as runner up. Fast forward about 10 years and Corby has been making music and making waves in his native country, churning out a handful of critically acclaimed singles and EPs, some of which have been released stateside. Now, he's finally released his first proper album and has broken down the barriers of what you'd expect from a reality show contestant. Indie rock and folk rock collide to create a sound unlike anything you'd hear on the radio these days. His voice is almost gospel like and the instrumentation mixes funky with ambient in a way that can only be described as unique. Incredible songs like "Monday," "Knife Edge," and "Sooth Lady Wine" could have legs on US airwaves if given the right exposure. From start to finish, the entire album is adventurous and proves that the genius of a musician comes out when the musician has full control of their vision. Corby made sure this album, a work in progress for years, was exactly what it needed to be before unleashing it on the world. And, thankfully and expectedly, the music was well worth the wait.