#reviewoftheweek / Chris Trapper - Symphonies Of Dirt & Dust

Chris Trapper has got to be the most underappreciated songwriter in music today. He is probably one of the best storytelling songwriters of his generation, and with mild success dating all the way back to the late 90's, it's a wonder that Trapper hasn't earned more recognition for his incredible abilities. That being said, he continues to churn out incredible compositions and collections of music that are introspective, accessible, and poignant. His natural ability to paint pictures through song and transport listeners into his world through his lyrics is a gift that many could only dream of possessing. On his latest he does just that through songs like "Everything Was Possible" and "Not The End Of The World." One of the most striking and beautiful songs on the album is the closer, "Boston Strong." It's a lush instrumental that, through sound along, invokes emotion and connection to a city that is at the heart of Trapper's musical life and one that has been tested and shown resolve for hundreds of years. His tongue-in-cheek lyricism is ever present in songs like "F#*t It" and reminds us that Trapper, although serious and creative, loves to have fun with his music. Despite going at it for a few decades and having success at varying levels, Trapper still deserves to be recognized for his songwriting at a higher level (like the Grammys). Let's hope his latest has his peers lining up to write songs with and for them, taking him to newer, more deserving, heights.