#reviewoftheweek / Meiko - Dear You

Meiko is pure pop. This new album embraces that to its fullest extent, branching out and away from her folky roots. Diving deeper into the pop realm, her newest album embraces heavier production and electronic elements, while still remaining true to her beginnings as a singer/songwriter. Think of the album as a new medium for the same message, an artist graduating from pencils and sketches to paints and canvas and larger, more impactful displays. At the core the album is a group of simply thought out songs, which unfold and develop into grand displays of musicianship. Highlights include the title track, the lead track "Bad Things," and "Be Mine." One of her finest moments on the album is the song that connects her sounds of the past to her sound of the present, "If He Doesn't Love You." This is the song on the album that reminds you of her roots, yet still manages to harness her current musical self. The album hovers somewhere between pop and indie rock, and will have old and new fans equally impressed and satisfied.