#reviewoftheweek / The Revivalists - Men Amongst Mountains

Roots rockers The Revivalists are the real deal. This New Orleans band has embraced what it meant to be from that city, and their album is like a party in musical form. Each song is creatively crafted to sound accessible and familiar, without sounding like every other band performing these days. It is full of radio-friendly tracks, that with the right exposure, will have The Revivalists being a household name by the end of the year. "Keep Going," "Stand Up," and "Wish I Knew You" are sure to become fan favorites, and the songs that will surely solidify the band's legacy for years to come. Other tracks on the album that have the vibe of a live show are "Move On" and "Gold To Glass," both of which are sure to impress fans both old and new. Vocalist/lyricist David Shaw and company have shown on this album what it means to be a band who loves what they do and has fun doing it. It is evident through each and ever song on the album.