#reviewoftheweek / Lucius - Wildewoman

It's hard to be a band that can do multiple genres, but to be able to make a cohesive album with multiple genres throughout is impressive. Lucius, fronted by a pair of female vocalists, has taken the indie rock genre and turned it on his head, exhibiting their ability to switch from folk to rock to pop from song to song, back to back. "Don't Just Sit There" may be the album's cornerstone, which is eual parts indie and pop, and potentially their most accessible. But, it's songs like "Go Home" and "Turn It Around" which are polar opposites of each other, sitting right next to each other on the tracklist. "Go Home" is Dylanesque, showing off their lyrical subtleties and the band's ability to almost completely strip down and unplug. "Turn It Around" is pure hard hitting indie rock and is the song you'd most likely hear on alternative rock radio. Judging by touring partners Bahamas and Chadwick Stokes, and the fact that he ladies sung backup vocals on Jeff Tweedy's (Wilco) solo album, it's no wonder that Lucius is sitting on the brink of superstardom, without even trying.