#reviewoftheweek / Rogue Wave - Delusions Of Grand Fur

Indie rock, and a style, would be nothing without certain bands. Rogue Wave is one of those bands who pioneered a sound that hovers just one side of full-fledged alternative rock. While these guys have turned out some pretty recognizable hit songs over the years, they have returned to a much more subtle display of their signature sound. "California Bride" has elements of light hearted power pop directly from the west coast and "What Is Left To Solve" is one of the more alternative sounding songs on the album. The gem of the album is "In The Morning" which was produced by another indie rock legend, former Death Cab For Cutie member and indie rocker extraordinaire Chris Walla. Rogue Wave have staying power in the music world, and this album proves that you don't need big hits or gimmicks to succeed. All you need is awesome music that is instantly identifiable as only coming from one band.


#reviewoftheweek / Wild Belle - Dreamland

After wowing the masses with their critically acclaimed debut album, Wild Belle have returned with a new collection that tries to top the original. It is equally as good, but goes in a different direction than the original. While the first album was full of sunshine and reggae, this album uses both of those as influences on a heavily produced indie and alternative rock sound. "Throw Down Your Guns" and "Giving Up On You" are the album standouts. But, on songs like the lead track "Mississippi River" they show off their songwriting in combination with their killer unique sound. Wild Belle is an exciting band, and this album shows they aren't just a one trick pony.


#reviewoftheweek / Elephant Revival - Petals

Quietly coming to the forefront of both the folk and jam scenes, Elephant Revival have been churning out albums quite steadily over the past few years. Their newest is poised to help them cross over into a more mainstream limelight. Merging styles of bluegrass, folk, and rock you can easily draw comparisons to bands like the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and the Lumineers. However, their sound is still a bit more quiet and reserved, and their songs really develop and unfold with each listen. They flirt with crossing the line into the country world and show off that their instrumentation is as big of a part of every song as each carefully crafted lyric. "When I Fall" is one of their best songs yet, and surely the one that future fans will chart as the one that got them hooked. Elephant Revival may not be a new band, but with the folk scene growing, this album is sure to solidify them as one of the pioneers of the modern take on a familiar style.


#reviewoftheweek / JD Eicher - The Middle Distance

Some might say the world doesn't need another singer/songwriter slinging a guitar. You might be right, but he world could use more like JD Eicher. Not trying to emulate any one specific influence, Eicher shows off his songwriting skill well on this album, his first without his backing band, The Goodnights. His pop sensibilities rival those who came before him such as John Mayer and Joshua Radin and fans of rock bands like OneRepublic and The Fray will find songs on this album they can identify with. "This Heart" and "Not Everyone Runs" are standout tracks, and given the right radio airplay could catapult JD Eicher to the top of the charts. Eicher is no rookie when it comes to playing and songwriting, and now it's time for the rest of the world to know his name.


BURN THIS / May 2016

  1. The Avett Brothers "Ain't No Man"
  2. The Lumineers "Cleopatra"
  3. Judah & The Lion "Take It All Back"
  4. Needtobreathe "Happiness"
  5. Mat Kearney "Moving On"
  6. Matt Wertz "Smoke"
  7. Dave Barnes "Carry On, San Vicente"
  8. JD Eicher "This Heart"
  9. Robert Francis "Fire Engine Red"
  10. Good Old War "Never Gonna See Me Cry"
  11. Rogue Wave "What It Left To Solve"
  12. Matt Corby "Oh Oh Oh"
  13. Mason Jennings "Two Dollar Man"
  14. White Denim "Had 2 Know (Personal)"
  15. Lake Street Dive "I Don't Care About You"
  16. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals "Shine"
  17. Nahko & Medicine For The People "San Quentin"
  18. The Hip Abduction "Stand Up For Love"
  19. Rebelution "Upper Hand"
  20. The Movement "Wild Time"