#reviewoftheweek / Chadwick Stokes - The Horse Comanche B-Sides: The Story Of Bobby And Maeve

Chronicling a story of a soldier who died in Afghanistan and his love, this 4 song collection is an extension of Stokes' excellent last album. The roots rock mastery of this music is in the forefront and these songs tell a story like only Chadwick can tell. It leads off with a cover of the classic song "You're The One That I Want" from the movie Grease, a favorite of the couple that the EP showcases. "Indiana Fall" closes out the short collection, and instantly becomes one of the best compositions of Chadwick's solo career. He is one of the best storytellers of his generation, and being a member of 2 roots rock bands (Dispatch and State Radio), separating his delivery as a front man and his ability as a solo singer/songwriter has been challenging. This EP showcases that his solo work is where he shows off his best abilities and his best stories.