#reviewoftheweek / Elephant Revival - Petals

Quietly coming to the forefront of both the folk and jam scenes, Elephant Revival have been churning out albums quite steadily over the past few years. Their newest is poised to help them cross over into a more mainstream limelight. Merging styles of bluegrass, folk, and rock you can easily draw comparisons to bands like the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and the Lumineers. However, their sound is still a bit more quiet and reserved, and their songs really develop and unfold with each listen. They flirt with crossing the line into the country world and show off that their instrumentation is as big of a part of every song as each carefully crafted lyric. "When I Fall" is one of their best songs yet, and surely the one that future fans will chart as the one that got them hooked. Elephant Revival may not be a new band, but with the folk scene growing, this album is sure to solidify them as one of the pioneers of the modern take on a familiar style.