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New music out today worth checking out:
  • Broken Bells - Meyrin Fields
  • Matt Duke - One Day Die
  • Peter, Bjorn, & John - Gimme Some
  • Radiohead - The King Of Limbs


CD REVIEW: William Fitzsimmons "Gold In The Shadow"

Gold In The Shadow
William Fitzsimmons is one of the most talented singer/songwriters ever to release music in the past decade. He has a unique image and an incredibly distinguishable voice, and on his newest album he returns to his roots adding more indie rock, electronic, and upbeat elements to his deep and emotional lyrics. His previous album stemmed from great grief and pain, and his newest deals with similar issues but showcases Fitzsimmons' musical range. He is again joined by some incredible talents and the song "Let You Break" was recorded as two versions featured songstresses Leigh Nash and Julia Stone respectively. The first batch of physical releases feature the Nash version, which will be a limited run. The Julia Stone version is destined to be a successful single for Fitzsimmons. The album's first single is "The Tide Pulls From The Moon" which combines William's vivid imagery with his rootsy folk music, showcasing both in a package that is accessible and relatable. "The Winter From Her Leaving" and "Beautiful Girl" are also standout tracks on an album that will surely turn William Fitzsimmons into a household name. William Fitzsimmons is definitely part of the current cutting edge folk revolution going on in music, and this album fits in beautifully.

CD REVIEW: Alexi Murdoch "Towards The Sun"

Towards The Sun
It's been a while since Alexi Murdoch has released new music, but the wait is finally over. He tempted us with a mix of old and new songs on the soundtrack for the movie "Away We Go" and now has included some of those songs, along with new tunes, on his latest album. The album is short, and flirts with being an EP, but it packs a punch. Alexi Murdoch's mellow voice and poignant lyrics are in full effect within each song in this collection. The album is bookended by it's standout tracks, the title track and "Crinan Wood" which clocks in at around 8 minutes in length. Alexi Murdoch is a poet who sings, and with his unique Scottish voice, he delivers his most artistic collection to date.


New Release Tuesday

New music out today worth checking out:
  • Williams Fitzsimmons - Gold In The Shadow
  • Zach Jones - Broken Record
  • Josh Kelley - Georgia Clay
  • The Lonely Forest - Arrows
  • The Strokes - Angles


CD REVIEW: Matt Wertz "Weights & Wings"

Weights & Wings
Matt Wertz has been around for awhile creating some infectious pop rock music with positive messages about love and life. Why should this time be any different? Wertz continues down the same path, this time reaching a level of maturity that shows how his music has grown over the years. While many of the songs he has released prior to now have become sing-a-long staples for countless music fans, several songs on this album have the potential to be huge hits. The first two singles from the collection, "Feels So Right" and "Running Back To You," showcase Wertz's brand of accessible pop as good as any of his previous albums. "Everything Will Be Alright" has a bit of reggae flair and songs like "Family" and "Nobody's You" emphasize Matt's lyrics and hs music's sincerity. Matt Wertz may not be a huge superstar, but that doesn't mean that his music is any less great or important. On "Weights & Wings" Matt Wertz proves that his story and songs are the epitome of true music.

CD REVIEW: Soulive "Rubber Soulive"

Rubber Soulive
Lots of bands record Beatles cover albums. They are usually full of overindulgent versions of the most popular Beatles songs that end up sounding like they were butchered beyond recognition or just a karaoke session. For Soulive, making a Beatles cover album turned out to become one of the band's best recordings ever. They decided to cover recognizable Beatles songs like "Help!," "Come Together," and "Taxman," but with a twist: all songs are purely instrumental and the vocal elements had to be translated into their musical instrumentation. The Beatles' guitar/bass/drums/vocals may not seem like it would translate easily into Soulive's guitar/keys/drums style, but Soulive mastered the arrangements and the results are outstanding. The standout highlight of the album is "Eleanor Rigby" which has you singing along to the music, despite the vocals are left out. Some may think this kind of thing is elevator music, but it is way above that. It's artistic and impressive and only shows the incredibly elevated musicianship of the three members of Soulive. This album is amongst the top Beatles cover albums ever.

CD REVIEW: Middle Brother "Middle Brother"

Middle Brother
In between working with their own bands, the lead singers of Deer Tick, Dawes, and Delta Spirit got together and decided to form a band. What started as an impromptu performance at SXSW last year turned into a full blown mission to write and record music together. The result is one of the best indie-folk-Americana records released in the past few years. Taking influence from all their own bands, mixing their love for their collaborative styles, and throwing in a bit of CSN style harmonizing, the album showcases each member of the band as an incredibly talented musician and the three together as a masterful trio. The songs "Middle Brother" and "Me, Me, Me" are rocking Americana romps that combine hard plucked guitars with bar room lyrics and delivery. The sleeper highlight is the acoustic driven folk tune "Wilderness." Middle Brother may only be a side project, but it seems that the album has kept these guys on their toes and what they've learned from each other is sure to bleed into each of their bands' music.

New Release Tuesday

New music out today worth checking out:
  • The Chemical Brothers - Hanna Soundtrack
  • Kenneth Pattengale & Joey Ryan - Retrospect
  • Matt Wertz - Weights & Wings


CD REVIEW: Ari Hest "Sunset Over Hope Street"

Sunset Over Hope Street (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) [+digital booklet]
It's been quite a long career for Ari Hest who has seen ups and downs on his way to make a name for himself. Ari has always had quite a following and his grassroots efforts in the early stages of his career led to national recognition. Now, he's going indie once again with his latest album, which sees him sitting more behind a piano than slinging his signature acoustic guitar. The lead single, "How Would I Know" is classic Hest, showcasing his storytelling lyrics and his incredible ability to transform the subeject of love and relationships into poetry set to song. The title track is another classic that is sure to drive the albums recongition. Other songs like "One Track Mind" and "Down The Mountain" show off Hest's adventurous side, with songs don't sound like his typical repertoire. Ari Hest's music has always been compared to mega stars like Dave Matthews and John Mayer, but his newest album shows off his artistry, songwriting, and musicianship like never before.

CD REVIEW: Chamberlin "Bitter Blood"

Bitter Blood
Where indie rock and southern rock meet, you will usually find My Morning Jacket. Well, Chamberlin and their debut album have joined MMJ on that streetcorner and are staking their claim at this underapprecaited and unique genre. MMJ has always been known as the Radiohead of southern rock and Chamberlain takes its cures from both bands while also adding their unique blues driven rock element to the mix. The song "Dust" is classic indie rock, with sweeping vocals, big blues guitar, and an ambient quality that makes the song magical. The most intriguing and funkiest of the mix is "Paper Crown" which highlights the excellent production of the album, the best of the band's indie rock, and funky vocals that rival both Prince and Jim James. Chamberlin are one of the most talented new bands to hit the scene, and have the chops to create huge success by reaching out to fans of a variety of styles of music.

CD REVIEW: Bright Eyes "The People's Key"

The People's Key
Conor Oberst's original ego has returned after a hiatus, bringing back the classic indie rock that Bright Eyes in known for, with a bit of a twist. Having departed towards an Americana sound (and two of the best albums of the last few years), Oberst left behind the Bright Eyes sound, shelving it for future use. Amping up the traditional acoustic driven sound, Bright Eyes' newest album reminds us that indie rock is alive and well. Partnering again with Mike Mogis, the new album features, for the first time in a while, radio ready hit songs. "Shell Games:" has the makings of a chart topper, and "Haile Selassie" is poised to be a sleeper success on the charts. The core of Bright Eyes music is evident throughout, with the maturity of Oberst gained through extensive travel, solo albums, and just plain growing up shining at every turn of the album. This may be Bright Eyes' most accessible album to date, while still remaining osbcure enough to stay true to the musical roots that have been previously planted. The musical climate has changed in the past few years, and "The People's Key" has come at a time when the band and the music that it creates will be truly appreciated.


New Release Tuesday

New music out today worth checking out:
  • Assembly Of Dust - Found Sound
  • Hotels & Highways - Lost River
  • Sarah Jaffe - Even Born Again
  • Matthew Perryman Jones - Until The Dawn Appears
  • Lupe Fiasco - Lasers
  • Alexi Murdoch - Towards The Sun
  • Jay Nash - Diamonds And Blood


BURN THIS / March 2011

  1. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors "Fire & Dynamite"
  2. Augustana "Steal Your Heart"
  3. Bob Schneider "Let The Light In"
  4. Chamberlin "Dust"
  5. James Vincent McMorrow "This Old Dark Machine"
  6. Fistful Of Mercy "Fistful Of Mercy"
  7. Jones Street Station "The Understanding"
  8. Middle Brother "Me, Me, Me"
  9. North Mississippi Allstars "This A'Way"
  10. Will Conner (featuring J.J. Grey) "That's All Right Mama"
  11. John Craigie "Mama Nashville"
  12. Bobby Long "Penance Fire Blues"
  13. Amos Lee "Out Of The Cold"
  14. Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs "God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise"
  15. The Low Anthem "Ghost Woman Blues"
  16. Nathaniel Rateliff "Early Spring Till"
  17. Gregory Alan Isakov "Big Black Car"
  18. The Pines "Lonesome Tremolo Blues"
  19. Haroula Rose "Duluth"
  20. Mason Jennings "So Many Ways To Die"
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New Release Tuesday

New music out today worth checking out:
  • Chamberlin - Bitter Blood
  • Ari Hest - Sunset Over Hope Street
  • Pat McGee - No Wrong Way To Make It Right
  • Middle Brother - Middle Brother
  • John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours - John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours