#reviewoftheweek / JD McPherson - Let The Good Times Roll

JD McPherson is a student of music history. His sound is unlike anything you'll hear from current musicians, and that's a great thing. Other artists like Alabama Shakes and St. Paul & The Broken Bones are doing similar stuff, by taking a classic old sound and making it fresh and new. JD combines southern rock, soul, and rockabilly into one great rock album, that is a step up from his debut. This album has more of a modern feel to it than his last, bridging his influences with the sounds of today. The title track and "Bossy" are two stompers that will make you shake, rattle, and roll, and imagine yourself back in the 50's when this type of music was on the radio and in the clubs. "Shy Boy" is the album's gem, and draws comparisons to the Black Keys, showing off vintage sounds, including some excellent keys. McPherson is one of those rare artists that do what they want, how they want, and no one comes close to mimicking it. On this album, he proves why he is the only one these days who can pull this music off in such a way.