#reviewoftheweek / The Lone Bellow - Then Came The Morning

After having wowed critics and fans alike with their debut album, The Lone Bellow have returned with the second chapter in their story. Seemingly quick after the release and subsequent popularity of their first album, a second collection of songs might seem like just a bunch of throwaways from the first album's recording sessions. However, this album doesn't quite begin where the last left off, and, in fact, it has a quite different sound while still remaining familiar. The title track, which is the first single, is a defining moment for the album, kicking it off by opening the listeners ears to the rootsier, rockier sound of the new album. However, despite a few tracks that show of the southern rock elements of the band's sound like "Fake Roses" and "Cold As It Is," the band still showcases that their are rooted in folk music. The album as a whole has a fuller and bigger sound than the first, while still maintaining the intimacy of their music. Sometimes it takes a second album as good as the first to prove that a band is the real deal, and the Lone Bellow have crated just that.