#reviewoftheweek / G. Love & Special Sauce - Sugar

After making music for 20 years, you'd think a band would still struggle to keep it fresh and new. Well, when keeping it fresh and new means bringing back the old and familiar, G. Love & Special Sauce have done it right. Returning to their original lineup, the band has crafted new material that could have been released on any of the band's albums over the past 20 years. "Nothing Else Quite Like Home" is a funky blues rocker which features a little help from Ben Harper. "Come Up Man" is a throwback and a great way to kick off the album and the closer, "Bad Girl Baby Blues," featured G. Love on his guitar all by himself showcasing the core of what makes his music awesome. Other standouts include "Too Much Month" and "Windshield Wipers." With interesting collaborations, jazzy bass guitar, and funk and blues permeating through the entire disc, G. Love and his cohorts have made one of the years best albums so far.


#reviewoftheweek / Jessica Lea Mayfield - Make My Head Sing...

This album is an incredible departure from the country twang and folk of her previous two albums. The last album, having been produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach showcased what JLM was capable of when venturing more into the indie folk and alternative rock side of things, but no one could have predicted that she was capable of this album. The initial sound of the album is that of a mid-nineties college rock band, and draws comparisons to the likes of PJ Harvey and early Liz Phair. That's probably what Mayfield was going for and surely where much of the influence for this album came from. The sound is updated, however, still reminding us of the songwriter that she is, with storytelling and lyrically driven songs. Minimalism and a folk approach has been taken within each composition and the standouts are "Standing In The Sun," "Party Drugs," and "Oblivious." The album's highlight is it's debut single, "I Wanna Love You," which is will transport you back twenty years when alternative and indie rock was just a seedling in the music world. JLM has surely upped her game with this one and proven that you can't pigeonhole creativity.


#reviewoftheweek / The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality

Electronic music is at the forefront of popular music these days and the EDM moniker is getting thrown around to describe any music that has electronic qualities these days. However, The Glitch Mob have done it right on their latest album and created a sound that is more rooted in rock and traditional electronic music similar to the 90's sounds that make the style so accessible. "Can't Kill Us" is a badass tune that could fit well on any action movie soundtrack and has already popped up on at least one movie trailer. The album's standout track is "Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart" which is lyrically driven and showcases their more mellow side. "Carry The Sun," "Skytoucher," and "Becoming Harmonious" are all excellent tracks as well showing of different facets of their sound. This music will wow fans of every genre of music from the psychedelic sounds of jam rock to the dancefloor drops of EDM. The Glitch Mob have proven that electronic music is no gimmick and when done right the results are mind blowing.


#reviewoftheweek / Kongos - Lunatic

Alternative rock music can be very monotonous and it's always nice when a band comes along to shake things up. Kongos is just that injection that alt-rock radio needs to freshen its sound and entice listeners to believe in the state of music. The most unorthodox thing about the band is that they have an accordion player! That's right, just as DMB shook things up in the mid-nineties by coming onto the scene with a violin player, Kongos is showcasing that music and sound are more interesting when you are doing things differently. "Come With Me Now" is all over the airwaves, and rightfully so, due to the fact that it is incredibly catchy and well-written and an all around great rock tune. Other highlights on the album include "I'm Only Joking" and "Escape." These guys and this album have already blow up huge in the UK and they have proven that they have what it takes to be huge. Now the US can and should embrace this band, album, and creative sound.


#reviewoftheweek / St. Paul And The Broken Bones - Half The City

Throwback music is the way to go these days, but it's hard not to be gimmicky or clich├ęd. St. Paul And The Broken Bones are the real deal and are going to most likely reap the benefits of their sound and style much like Alabama Shakes did before. "Call Me," the album's first single, is sure to be the breakout hit of the year. It's equal parts old soul and indie rock and is sure to wow the ears of listeners from hipsters to hippies, and translate incredibly well to the live stage, and rightfully so at these guys are sure to blow up this summer once fans get a taste of the live show. The title track is also a standout, but any of the songs are sure to draw you in and hook you. It's refreshing to hear a band that is taking a classic sound and making it new again, and straying away from the normalcy of the current pop and rock scenes. Big things are on the horizon for this band and this album is just the catalyst to start it all.


BURN THIS / April 2014

  1. Ray LaMontagne "Supernova"
  2. The Revivalists "Navigate Below"
  3. Augustana "Ash And Ember"
  4. Phillip Phillips "Raging Fire"
  5. Current Swell "Keys To The Kingdom"
  6. John Butler Trio "Livin' In The City"
  7. Galactic (featuring JJ Grey) "Higher And Higher"
  8. St. Paul And The Broken Bones "Call Me"
  9. Paolo Nutini "Scream (Funk My Life Up)"
  10. Dave Barnes "Twenty Three"
  11. Eric Hutchinson "A Little More"
  12. Elizabeth & The Catapult "Shoelaces"
  13. Jessica Lea Mayfield "I Wanna Love You"
  14. Priscilla Ahn "Diana"
  15. Justin Nozuka "Right By You"
  16. James Vincent McMorrow "Red Dust"
  17. The Belle Brigade "Likely To Use Something"
  18. The Avett Brothers "Morning Song"
  19. Luther Dickinson "Blood 'n Guts"
  20. moe. "Blond Hair And Blue Eyes"