#reviewoftheweek / Collective Soul - See What You Started By Continuing

Collective Soul have been on a bit of a break in recent years, with the members of the band doing their own things, both musical and not. Now they've returned with a new album that picks up right where they left off. The music is both familiar and refreshingly new. They know how to make new songs sound new, yet stick to the formulas that made their previous releases so great. You could close your eyes and imagine yourself listening to this music in the mid-90's just as much as in the past decade or now. Songs that stand out on the album and "AYTA," "This," and "Hurricane." Sure, there's no gimmicks and no innovation, but that's what makes it great. It's on of the best straight-forward rock records in the past few years. Collective Soul are one of the most consistent bands to have released music in the last 20 years, and their latest doesn't disappoint.