#reviewoftheweek / Hozier - Hozier

Hozier is another new singer/songwriter hailing from across the pond, from Ireland. You want to not like his music because, seemingly, before hearing it, you get a sense that this is just another one of the same types of things we've been hearing for years. Sure, he'll draw comparisons to artists like Gotye, Passenger, David Gray, and even Ben Howard, all of whom have recently came out with new music. But, what is striking about Hozier, and his self titled album, is that he's a bit more of a layered artist than a one-note, one-hit kind of musician. His entire album features countless instrumental arrangements, far from the signature acoustic guitar and voice that you might expect. The production is not overly done, which leaves the music more organic in nature. The debut single "Take Me To Church" is a great song and a good introduction to the music, but it's not what the artist or album are about. Take a song like "From Eden" and you've got what you'd expect, but take a song like "Jackie And Wilson" and you forget that this Irishman is even from across the pond, mixing soul and blues into his music like he's straight from the Mississippi delta. It's a hearty album, and clocking in at 13 tracks, it's one of the years longer releases, but it's necessary to get all facets of Hozier into one collection. He's not a one-trick-pony and is sure to be around for a while, showcasing his left of center take on the traditional international import.