CD REVIEW: Greg Laswell "Take A Bow"

On this album, Greg Laswell solidifies himself as a pop folk superstar. He has managed to put together another great album full of great songs that showcase his incredible lyricism and distinct voice. This album is a little darker sounding than the previous two and on "Come Clean" there is a bit of spookiness as well. The debut single, "Take Everything," could possibly become Laswell's most memorable song, and move him into the mainstream spotlight. Ingrid Michaelson also lends her vocals to the song, as well as several others on the album. Cary Brothers joins the mix as well, lending his background vocals to a few of the tracks. "Off I Go," a song that first appeared on the television show "Grey's Anatomy," makes its first appearance on a Laswell album, and is one of Laswell's most lyrically perfect songs. "In Front Of Me," "Marquee," and "Around The Bend" are all standout tracks, proving this album is full of incredible songs. Greg Laswell has managed to take folk rock music to a new level and has brought us a new album, which he also self produced, that is one of the best of the year.