CD REVIEW: David Gray "Foundling"

"Foundling" is not a b-sides album. What "Foundling" has become is a collection of reinterpreted tracks from David Gray's extensive songwriting history that he felt the world finally needed to hear. He recently decided to get back into the studio and give many of these songs new life, some songs having been born right out of soundcheck jams. Other songs he felt just needed a little love via some vocals and piano. The blues of the title track and the jazz elements of "We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight" show off the album's twist from Gray's signature folk style. Although, the album is heavy on Gray standards, it features a lot less commercial friendly tracks than usual, making for an interesting mix that is straight from his soul. The oldest song of the album is a reworking of "A New Day At Midnight" which is actually where the name of David's critically acclaimed 2002 album came from. The song didn't make it to that album but finds itself right at home here. The first single from this album is "A Moment Changes Everything" actually strangely comes from the bonus disc. The fact that the last track on the bonus disc is the first single shows the lack of commercialism of the entire album, with is one of the more appealing qualities of this collection of music. David Gray has come a long way since "White Ladder" but one this has remained true: his unmatched songwriting and delivery is as perfect now as it was then.