BURN THIS / March 2010

  1. Benjy Davis Project "Stay With Me"
  2. Mike Dunn & The Kings Of New England "Sunshine State"
  3. The Elms "This Is How The World Will End"
  4. Pete Kilpatrick Band "Rock And Roll Never Changes"
  5. Jones Street Station "Slow Lights"
  6. Dawes "When My Time Comes"
  7. Joe Pug "Speak Plainly, Diana"
  8. The Avett Brothers "Slight Figure Of Speech"
  9. Needtobreathe "The Outsiders"
  10. Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers "Born In The Spring"
  11. Trent Dabbs "Your Side Now"
  12. Tyler James "Soapbox Shakedown"
  13. Andrew Belle "Don't Blame Yourself"
  14. Matt Stansberry "Pull Yourself Together"
  15. Parachute "Under Control"
  16. The Undeserving "Something To Hope For"
  17. Army Of Me "Lost At Sea"
  18. matt pond PA "Starting"
  19. Rogue Wave "Good Morning"
  20. Broken Bells "The High Road"

NEW TUNES: Best Of Bonnaroo - Free Music For Climate Change

The Best Of Bonnaroo compilation is being offered at the website http://www.musicforaction.org/ completely free! There's only one catch: they are asking you to e-mail your senator, President Obama, or write to your local newspaper in regards to making climate change a priority. Not too bad a request for a free compilation of live tunes by bands like Dave Matthews Band, Phish, moe., Jack Johnson, Guster, Death Cab For Cutie, My Morning Jacket, The Disco Biscuits, O.A.R., and more. Head over there now to get you free tunes!

CD REVIEW: Big Light "Animals In Bloom"

Big Light have always amazed with their mix of mellow indie rock and jam band performance style, and they do not let down on their latest release. The album is full of this style of music, and each song is so different from the next, yet the album flows smoothly from beginning to end. Songs like "Triceratops" and "Monster" showcase the bands feel good attitude with their gritty intensity for musicality and live performance. This live band's sound is captured well in the studio, displaying how well the members work as a cohesive unit. This west coast band has managed to stumble upon a sound that is incredibly under appreciated in the music industry these days, yet it is fun and refreshing. As the music that they play will most likely not end up on MTV or top 40 radio, this album is sure to find them continuing to amaze crowds on the road all over the country.