#reviewoftheweek / Aer - One Of A Kind

Quietly making a name for themselves, Aer has released a handful of albums in recent years showcasing their mix of fun loving pop, hip hop, reggae, and acoustic folk. It's a combination that has been around for years and perfected by many bands before them. What's great about Aer, is that they don't let this stand in their way. Their obvious influences shine through in every song and you can tell that artists like 311, Bob Marley, Sublime, and Jack Johnson have all, at some point, helped to shape the band's sound. The fact that they've chosen to name their album "One Of A Kind" proves that the band is a very unique combination of styles and, right now, the only one of it's kind making this style of music. Songs like the title track, "Keep You Here," and "The Rain" bridge the gap between the indie world where Aer has lived for so long and the pop world where they are going to be breakout stars. This could, and should, be the album that helps Aer break out and makes them a household name.