#reviewoftheweek / Rebelution - Count Me In

Despite the fact that they don't have a major label in their back pocket, reggae rockers Rebelution are becoming the quintessential act of the genre. Spearheaded by the rise of Sublime in the mid-nineties, the sub-genre of rock music has a very distinct sound that combines alternative rock, punk, and reggae, but Rebelution have elevated their game by bringing a bit of jam band quality to heir sound and performances. Their latest album has them venturing further in this direction, which they tried a bit of on their previous release. "De-Stress," "Counterfeit Love," and "Lost In Dreams" are the albums standout tracks, all of which the band debuted online before the release of the album. The title track is also one of the albums highlights, as well as their collaborations with Collie Buddz and Don Carlos. There are plenty of bands out there showcasing this style of music (Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Dirty Heads, etc.) but Rebelution continue to elevate their game with each new album, trying to stay fresh and do things a bit differently each time. This album, along with their last, showcases how their musicianship is truly the core of their music.