#reviewoftheweek / Greg Laswell - Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet

One of the most solid musicians making music these days is Greg Laswell. You can always be guaranteed to be impressed with each collection of music he puts out. Never one to have broken out into the mainstream, Laswell's music stays just below the radar enough to keep him intriguing and artistic, without having to cater to the demands of the music world. That being said, his latest is raw and insightful, showcasing his signature vocals and storyteller lyricism. The track "Dodged A Bullet" is a perfect display of just that, and other songs like "Out Of Line" use the lyrics as their bedrock. The album's lead single "Lifetime Ago" is the closing thing you'll get to a pop hit on this album, and it's about as close as you'll want to be with Laswell's music. In the truest sense, Greg Laswell is the epitome of a singer/songwriter, and 30 years we may look back at his body of work the way we look at Dylan and Simon and Cash.