#reviewoftheweek / Keller Williams - Vape

Keller Williams has released his 20th album and it still sound like he's having just as much fun as the first one. His blend of jamming and pop rock, clever lyrics, and innovative delivery style is both impressive and cutting edge. Still, even though he's been doing it for so long, it sounds new and fresh. Songs like "Mantra" and "Donuts" display some excellent vocal delivery and showcase how much Williams doesn't take himself too seriously. He solicits the help of a few friends for the albums instrumentation, but mostly he takes on the responsibilities himself (as usual). For good measure he throws in a few instrumental tracks, showing off his mastery with an acoustic guitar. These songs are a welcome addition to the catalogue, and this album is a perfect way to mark the next chapter in Keller Williams' career. For starters, we can probably expect another 20 albums.