CD REVIEW: The Verve Pipe "A Family Album"

It's always hard, when you have kids, to find music that you all can enjoy. Of course, there's always that outside chance that your kids will love everything that you listen to and you'll have nothing to worry about. Recently rock bands have taken a different perspective on children's music and it's totally awesome. The latest is by the Verve Pipe and it takes 90's alternative and mixes it with themes and emotions that kids and entire families can relate to together. This is music that adults can enjoy with their kids and no one has to be subjected to the awfulness of Kidz Bop. "Be Part Of The Band" is a rocker that gets kids in the mood to do just that: rock! The Verve Pipe mixes a little bluegrass with clever lyrics on "Suppertime" and gets sentimental on "One Becomes Two." With this being the latest success story of great bands making great kid friendly music, it's a shame that all bands don't dive into this world. The Verve Pipe has always made great music and as the years progress, they continue to do just that, even if this latest collection targets a wider demographic.