#reviewoftheweek / Joshua Radin - Onward And Sideways

Joshua Radin's latest is an excellent collection of left-of-center pop music that showcases his skills as a singer and a songwriter rather well. The surprise of the album is the new rendition of his previous hit "Beautiful Day" which, this time, featured guest vocals by Sheryl Crow. Radin is both underestimated and celebrated at the same time, and his music goes largely unnoticed as background filler in many instances. But, if you stop to take the time to listen to this album straight through, you will find yourself reinvigorated to rekindle your love for his entire array of previous releases. "We'll Keep Running Forever" is a great way to begin the album and also Radin's best display of his natural ability to take familiar and turn it on it's head. Driven by his lyrics and distinctive subtle voice, this album is as adventurous as it is safe and familiar. Joshua Radin keeps making music because there are still too many ways he can express his talents.