#reviewoftheweek / Trevor Hall - Chapter Of The Forest

Rooted deep in spirituality, Trevor Hall's newest album picks up right where his last left off. He has the uncanny ability to mix rootsy folk rock with his eastern religious spirituality, delivering catchy and fun, yet poignant tunes. The album's standout track is the mellow "Green Mountain State" which is a virtually stripped down voice and guitar song with heartfelt lyrics. "Wish Man" is the catchiest song on the album, and most likely the one that most listeners will be drawn to this album by. Unlike previous albums, this one is not dipped in pop music, and most likely will stand on it's own as a complete piece, rather than be identified or defined by it's individual songs. Other key tracks include the title track and "Obsidian" which features guest vocals by tourmate Nahko. Hall is a poet that happens to also set his poetry to music. As a listener, it's easy to get lost in the music and words and experience everything on a higher level, and that's a great thing.