BURN THIS / March 2013

  1. Matt Hires "Restless Heart"
  2. Sooner The Sunset "All Because Of You"
  3. Elenowen "Flying For The First Time"
  4. Escondido "Bad Without You"
  5. Max Gomez "Run From You"
  6. Jessie Payo "Heaven Help Me"
  7. Carly Ritter "It Don't Come Easy"
  8. Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers "Little Too Late"
  9. Hollis Brown "Ride On The Train"
  10. Alabama Shakes "Always Alright"
  11. Dawes "From A Window Seat"
  12. Family Of The Year "Hero"
  13. Wake Owl "Wild Country"
  14. Buffalo "Blood & Bone"
  15. The Milk Carton Kids "Snake Eyes"
  16. J.P. Cooper "Oh Brother"
  17. Jim James "State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)"
  18. Pickwick "Hacienda Motel"
  19. The Bamboos (featuring Megan Washington) "The Wilhelm Scream"
  20. The Cat Empire "Brighter Than Gold"