BURN THIS / January 2014

  1. Travie McCoy (featuring Jason Mraz) "Rough Water"
  2. The Dirty Heads "Sloth's Revenge"
  3. Pepper "Hunny Girl"
  4. The Green "Power In The Words"
  5. Passafire "Right Thing"
  6. The Movement "Sweet Life"
  7. The Hip Abduction "Live It Right"
  8. The Wheeland Brothers "Like You Do"
  9. Naia Kete "Crazy Glue"
  10. Will Evans "Life Is A Photograph"
  11. Chris Trapper "Northwest Sun"
  12. Moonshiner Collective "California Dream"
  13. Zach Heckendorf "Keep Your Hats On"
  14. Rob Drabkin "Down To Fate"
  15. Quiet Life "San Luis Obispo"
  16. Houndmouth "On The Road"
  17. The Head And The Heart "Summertime"
  18. Moon Taxi "Young Journey"
  19. Boy & Bear "Southern Sun"
  20. Jose Gonzalez "Step Out"


Get ready for a new feature beginning in 2014. No more randomly posted album or DVD reviews. Each week, on Wednesday, THISisMODERN.net will post a new review of an album or DVD labeling it as #reviewoftheweek. The review will also be hashtagged at www.twitter.com/thisismodern. The reviews featured will be albums, eps, etc. that you need to hear and hear about. Some will be by artists you've heard of, many will be by ones you have not yet or need to soon. Stay tuned to this site and the twitter feed to find out when the reviews are posted and which music is being featured. It's been a long while since THISisMODERN.net has commited to posting reviews regularly (the last time was when a review a day was posted in 2010 commemorating 10 years of the site). Enjoy the reviews!

*additionally, no more release dates will be posted at the site due to the fact that they change so frequently