#reviewoftheweek / Graham Colton - Lonely Ones

Starting out as an independent artist, then signing a major record deal, and having returned to his roots as an independent musician, Graham Colton is at the top of his game. When you can keep churning out music as an indie act, despite the changes in the way yours and all music is consumed, you have got something special. Colton keeps his sound fresh and new on his latest album and, once again, adds to his collection of hit songs. While the music may not win awards or find its way onto pop radio, it's refreshing to hear such quality and solidly crafted songs. Songs such as "Hands Untied" and "Born To Raise Hell" showcase Graham's ability to build excellent music with tight lyrics that are accessible across a multitude of generations. This is the type of music that you loved as a teen, continue to love as an adult, and can't wait to share with your kids. Colton sings and writes about universal themes and this album is as good as all of his catalogue. He continues to show that staying power in the music world is as simple as doing what works and doing it well.