#reviewoftheweek / Moon Taxi - Daybreaker

This band's latest album has them transitioning from jam rockers to more of an alternative sounding band, while still retaining their core identity. Never ones to conform to any specific sound, their uniqueness comes in their crafting of original tunes that hit on several levels from their signature instrumentation to their singer's instantly identifiable voice to the stunning lyrical composition of their songs. The album is spearheaded by the two lead singles "All Day All Night" and "Year Zero" both of which could find themselves on the top of the charts at alt-rock radio alongside bands like Incubus and Death Cab For Cutie. However, the sound is night quite centered, and that makes them equally able to perform with the likes of bands like Galactic, The Revivalists, and Trey Anastasio. Other songs showcasing their ability to harness live energy in an alt-jam rock studio session are "Savannah," "Domino," and "Make Your Mind Up." You can even hear elements and influences of 80's and 90's rock music throughout the disc, showing off a variety of probable influences. The magic of this band has always been their live sets, and they manage to deliver a great arrangement of new tunes showcasing just how great these guys can perform, even inside the studio.