#reviewoftheweek / Phish - Fuego

After 5 years, Phish have returned with a new collection of studio tracks that is their best complete set of studio tracks since they released "Farmhouse." They have managed to harness the best of their stage show and improvisation, while adding in some excellent concise songwriting to bring it all together. They have obvious hits on their hands with songs like "The Line" and "Sing Monica" which are surprisingly radio ready. They showcase the long jam well with the title track and their quirkiness on "Wombat." The albums standout tracks are "555" which features a funky horn section and the quiet swirling "Waiting All Night" which is probably the best from their live debut of these songs on Halloween 2013. Phish have proven that they can do it live and in the studio time and time again, and like fine wine, they continue to get better with age. Though the road and the radio dial have proven to be a young man's realm, it seems Phish can't bear sit idly by, and "Fuego" is a reminder why they have been doing their thing for over 30 years.