#reviewoftheweek / Gill Landry - Gill Landry

Although this album is not his first as a solo musician, it may be the one that makes him a household name. He is best know as a member of the famed bluegrass band Old Crow Medicine Show, but he showcases his individual talents incredibly on his new self titled album. An equal combination of rock and country, Landry tries to distance himself from OCMS and show that he's not a one trick pony. Combining elements of indie rock throughout, the album even features guest vocals from Laura Marling on the track "Take This Body," one of the album's best. AAA radio is going to eat this album up, and Landry might find himself with a secondary career if OCMS ever hangs it all up. "Just Like You" may be the most radio-friendly track on the album, but songs like "Fennario" and "Funeral In My Heart" are also great, showing off Landry's songwriting. Going solo while still maintaining being a member of a band at the same time is tough, but Landry's solo voice needed to be heard, and this vessel is superb.


#reviewoftheweek / Archis - Archis EP

This is one of the most interesting and exciting musical collaborations in years. Both musicians have had incredible success on their own, but together they create beautiful groundbreaking music. She is Dia Frampton (one half of Meg & Dia and runner-up of season 1 of NBC's The Voice) and he is Joseph Trapanese (known for his work as a film composer on movies like Oblivion and TV shows like Tron: Uprising). Together they are Archis, and this debut EP combines both sensible indie pop and cinematic and electronic music, creating a collection unlike any others. "Bittersweet" and "Blood" are two incredible songs, and although they might not be the type of thing you'd hear on the radio, the artistry of both far exceeds the need for airplay. Sometimes musicians just do things for fun and to express their artistic impulses, but never has it sounded so beautiful as this.


#reviewoftheweek / George Ezra - Wanted On Voyage

The latest to come out from across the pond, George Ezra broke onto the scene in the US with his single "Budapest" on various radio stations all over the country. But the album which features the song isn't a bunch of other versions of the song with different titles and lyrics. He's actually got a big of crooner quality, and surprisingly, should be able to wow fans that venture into buying the entire album, rather than just downloading what they hear on the radio. Some fans get upset when an album isn't more of the same. It's refreshing to hear that Ezra hasn't taken what he became successful with and recreated it a dozen more times just to sell records. He is a true talent in the singer/songwriter vein, and may exist because of the success of those who came before him (i.e. Ed Sheeran, Hozier), but stands apart from them in sound. You'd not expect such a polished sound from a young artist, but George Ezra is one who has it all figured out on that front. Try the second single "Blame It One Me" as well as "Stand By Your Gun" and "Barcelona" for proof that he's the real deal.


#reviewoftheweek / Mat Kearney - Just Kids

Mat Kearney is one of those artists that, within the first lyric, you know it's him. He has a certain inflection, delivery, and lyricism that is unique and no other artists out there do it quite like that. That being said, the newest album by Kearney delivers on uniqueness 100%. He mixes synth elements and a little of his hip-hop-style flow into both poppy and indie songs, showcasing his ability to tell a very vivid story through song. The singles "Heartbeat" and "Billion" are showstoppers and destined to become the album's cornerstones, as well as fan favorites. But it's on songs like the title track and "One Black Sheep" where listeners get a lyrical insight into what it is to be Mat Kearney, and what it took to grow into the musician he is today. He duets with Young Summer on a track, which is another of the album's highlights. Kearney has developed into one of the most cookie cutter and equally out-of-the-box pop singer/songwriters making music these days. But the left field approach to his music makes him and his music, especially on this album, one-of-a-kind.


BURN THIS / March 2015

  1. Andrew Combs "Foolin'"
  2. Will Hoge "Middle Of America"
  3. Brandi Carlile "The Eye"
  4. Joe Pug "Bright Beginnings"
  5. Tony Lucca "Delilah"
  6. Cary Brothers "Lovin' On You"
  7. Mat Kearney "Just Kids"
  8. Jessie Baylin "To Hell And Back"
  9. Josh Rouse "Some Days I'm Golden All Night"
  10. Trey Anastasio Band "Speak To Me"
  11. The Jason Spooner Band "Red & Green"
  12. Chadwick Stokes "Mother Maple"
  13. JD McPherson "Shy Boy"
  14. Dwayne Shivers "Black Tar Heart"
  15. Alabama Shakes "Don't Wanna Fight"
  16. Little Hurricane "Hold Me Back"
  17. The Lone Bellow "Take My Love"
  18. Houndmouth "Sedona"
  19. Lord Huron "Fool For Love"
  20. Death Cab For Cutie "Black Sun"